Sunday, 11 November 2012

Top 10 Windows bugs

Here is a list of some of the Windows bugs and tricks.
Some of these dates back to when windows was created.

Just try creating a file/folder with a name “con” (without the quotes   #obvious).
RESULT:  You won’t be able to do that, its not possible

The same thing happens when you try these names :
PRN, LPT1, LPT2, (…), LPT9, NUL, COM1, (…), COM9, and CLOCK$

2)Notepad Bug
As far as I know,this bug works only in windows XP ,still you can give it a try.

Open your notepad, type in “Bush hid the facts” ,save the file with any name you like, close it.
Reopen the file, this will be the view.

Before                                                                 After

3)Microsoft word
Open a Microsoft word document and type “=rand(200,99) ” and press enter, Tell me what you saw.

4)Notepad  (Q33N trick)

Ya , It’s a notepad bug again. No I am not out of my mind, the windows is this much buggy.
This one is a good trick. Just follow the steps.

1)      Open Notepad.
2)     Type in “Q33N”    (CAPS lock)
3)     Change the font to “Wingdings” and increase the font size to 72.

You can probably interpret the view as an airplane hitting the twin towers and death followed.
It is said that the one of the flight no.s which hit the WTC that day was Q33N, I don’t know up to what extent this info is true

4)  Solitaire

Yes Solitaire has bugs too.
Open a game of solitaire and quickly press this combination of keys :
[ALT] + [SHIFT] + [2]

If you’ve found any other trick just lemme know :)

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