Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Forgot Lock Pattern on Android : How to Unlock

How to unlock android phone when you forgot the unlock pattern?

This situation might be very common to some of the users who came reading this. But do not panic, there is a solution for everything with us.
So here I am listing some of the recovery methods which will help you unlock your cellphone when you forget your lock pattern.

Android Lock Pattern

1) With Google Account credentials

There is an option to enter your Google Account credentials other than the Emergency Call option. Just enter the Username and Password and your phone will be unlocked in no time.

      What if my cellphone isn't connected to the Internet 
      Don't worry your Android phone saves your Google Account information offline.

2) I forgot my Google Account

The solution is only Factory Reset your phone if you forgot your Google account username and password. Also if somehow you manage to reset your Google account login,then also its of no use, because your phone has stored the Username and Password already and it can only be unlocked with it.

3) I didn't used Google Account on my Android phone

Again the solution is to hard reset the phone.

How to Factory Reset Android when locked?

One can easily factory reset the phone when unlocked. But how to reset it when the phone is locked. Here is the solution

  1. Press Volume UP + Home + Power buttons till the Samsung logo appears.
  2. This will launch the recovery mode for Android Phone
  3. Now chose the option to wipe data/ factory reset.
  4. Restart the phone.

Note : In the recovery mode , touch screen doesn't works. You have to use the volume keys to go UP and DOWN. To select press power button or home .

If you have got any other way to unlock the phone,kindly share it with me :) 

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