Thursday, 26 July 2012

Windows Utilities

Some of The Best Windows Utilities To Save Your Day Definitely!

Our cyber/digital life is very much messed up.Problems like data loss,malware attacks,slowpoke PC,hardware failure is very common these days.I wish Windows came with a set of these softwares.So I,m listing here a few windows utility tools which will help you one day surely!

TuneUp Utilities
This software is a hub of all the general fixes that a user can do for a computer.It has got everything you need : Disk Defragmenting,Disk Cleanup,Defragment Registry,Fix Registry Errors,Increase Performance,Change Window styles.You can take a look at the software's interface in the below screenshot.It is very Simple,Easy & Powerful tool for you.
You can get the trial version here.

TuneUp Utilities

DriverMax: when you don't have the backups for your device drivers 
DriverMax is a useful tool when you cant find the drivers for your hardware devices : B'coz you forgot to make backups for them OR your new PC didnt came with any of the drivers.So in this situation use this software to backup your device drivers so that you can use them later when you'll be formatting your PC or whenever anything goes wrong with drivers.
The software can also update the existing drivers!

TeraCopy : Makes copying faster and easier than you can think.
TeraCopy speeds up file copying and moving by taking over the conventional windows copier.Have a look.


Startup Delayer :
Sequentially loads the start-up programs on windows boot,not all programs simultaneously.
It delays the start-up of a program by a particular time that you can specify.Check it HERE

Deletes files even if they are being used by another processes.

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