Thursday, 12 January 2012

Solutions for Most Common Windows Problems

Fix Windows Problems

So here we are,this post is all about the solutions to the most common Windows problems faced by every user in the world.You can solve every problem by yourself or by the help of some free softwares.All are compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7.

Q1. My PC takes a lot of time to start-up.There aren't even any applications in the windows start menu.

Ans: Boot time/start time generally depends on the number of application/programs/services loaded on the system start-up.You can manage that boot time by yourself and decrease it.Type "msconfig" in the run box to bring up the "System Configuration" tool and then switch to the "Start-up" tab.Now disable all the programs you don't need during the start-up of your computer.For advanced users,You can go to the "Services" tab and disable all the services you don't need.
Restart your PC and you're done!

Q2. I am not able to delete a file from my PC. It says file/folder is in use by another program.

Ans: Its a very common problem.Option 1 : you can do is restart your computer and try deleting it.Option 2: Restart your computer in safe mode and then delete it.Option 3: Use a utility tool like Unlocker,this will unlock the file from all the other programs accessing it.

Q3. My Windows crashed with a "Blue Screen".What to do?

Ans: Well,this screen is also known as the "Blue Screen Of Death" and there is simply nothing you can do about it.This is caused due to some of the device drivers that are outdated or maybe due to some of the devices that are not functioning properly.You can use a software called as BlueScreenView,it provides some of the information by collecting reports on the windows dump files.

Q4. File transfer within my hard-disk or from my hard-disk to a USB is very very slow.What can I do about it?

Ans: You can increase/upgrade your RAM.You can also use third party softwares like TeraCopy.This software will move all the files a lot faster than you can think of.

Q5. I deleted a file by mistake.Can I recover it?

Ans : Yes!!You can can easily get your file back until and unless the disk space is not overwritten by another program.You can use tools like TuneUp Utilities to recover your deleted files immediately!

Q6. I am not able to play a video on my video player.It gives me an error saying some codecs missing.

Ans: This generally occurs when some the codecs required for playing that video file are corrupt/missing.Downloading the K-Lite Codecs pack or VLC media player will definitely solve this problem.

Q7.  My PC restarts automatically on startup.It doesn't even shows the desktop sometimes.

Ans: This problem arises when the heat generated in your PC cabinet is not properly dispensed.Overheating can be due to the faulty master cooler or any of the fans inside the cabinet.Sometimes it can be due to the faulty Graphics card.So take your PC to a harware technician and get the faulty parts replaced.

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