Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How To Access Blocked Sites

Hey guys,is your school, college or office blocking you from getting on social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Orkut, etc? Here are a few ways by which you can bypass the restrictions and surf like normal.

1.     Using IP Instead Of URL-This depends on the software/application used. Sometimes blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs (e.g.,,etc) and typing the IP instead of the URL might sometimes work.You can find out the IP of any website by doing a ping in your Command prompt.
Simply type "ping".Here I've taken Google as an example.

2.    Converting And Using IP In Binary Form-Suppose if Step 1 doesn’t works and even the IP addresses are also blocked,then you can try this method which I guarantee you to work.For this,repeat Step 1 i.e find out the IP address of any domain.For e.g. its,Then convert each decimal number into binary form.You can refer google for this.The binary equivalent for above IP will come out to be

10011010. 00011111. 00010000. 00001101.

3.    Google Cache-Search engines like Google and Yahoo cache webpages and these cached pages are stored in search engines themselves, which likely will be added to the blocked list.Click on the ‘cache’ will bring you to a cache version of the page, as updated as how Google caches it.
4.   Anonymous Surfing-Some site allows you to take advantage of their proxy or domain to surf other sites as anonymous. Just Google them and you will find all of them.These sites can be searched with keywords web tunnels,proxy servers,proxies etc.Enter the webpage you want to access in the textfield provided there and hit GO.
I am listing some of'em for you  90+ Proxy Websites To Access Blocked Websites.
5.    Use Proxy In Browsers-There are tons of sites out there that distributes free proxies of almost any country. Check out the following methods on how/where to insert proxies in your web browsers.

1.Proxy Surfing – Firefox                         

Under Advanced tab, select Network tab, then click inside Connection Settings. Select Manual proxy configuration, put proxy under HTTP proxy.

2.Proxy Surfing – Internet Explorer

Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select Connections tab. Click into LAN Settings, check Proxy Server. Insert your proxy URL inside Address.

6.   JonDo-Lastly you can use this software.Its the baap of all softwares out there,works by changing your IP the way you want.Google it . 

eNJOY :)


Step 1

Step 5 FireFox-proxy

Step 5 IE-proxy
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