Sunday, 13 November 2011

How to hide your files (geek way)

Hiding Your Files (Geek way)

This is for all the guys who want to hide their personal (ahem ahem) information from other people.By this method i guarantee you that not any normal PC user will be able to find your files.

So here we go.

  1. First of all,save all your content anywhere you feel like saving it in your hard drive.For example - say a folder named "haxor" in D drive  (D:\haxor).
  2. Now open your PC's command prompt.You can open it by running "cmd".To RUN something you need to press "win (windows key)"+"r".A dialog box will open,and type "cmd" (without quotes) and press ok.
  3. Now in the command prompt,first you need to go into the directory where your files are saved.For this, type these commands in command prompt,i'll be showing you this by my example.
  1. First type- "D:" and press enter.Now type "cd\haxor" and hit enter.
  2.                    NOTE: Everything should be without quotes.
  3. The hiding part comes here now.Type this command after step 1 of cmd "attrib +r +a +S +h" and enter.Doing this will hide all the files in the current folder i.e. haxor.
  4. To unhide these files at any point of time follow steps from opening cmd to changing directory as shown in above steps,then type this command 
                    "attrib -r -a -S -h". This command will unhide all the files

Congratulations  you are done now!! :)

Step 2

Step 3 (cmd)


  1. bhai... folder options me jaakar agar show hidden files karenge to ye files dikhengi ??

    1. na aise nahi show hongi..but if u uncheck the option below it "hide protected operating system files" then these files will b shown

  2. i wud hav downloaded FOLDER GUARD with crack..its more user friendly!..:)

    1. well there's a software fr everythng nowadays..and if ur dad came to knw that u r using FOLDER GUARD then obviusly he will ask u "wat r u hidin ??" :P :P